Jun 10, 2005

Back from San Antonio

Connor went with me to San Antonio for the DARS/DDHHS 4 day conference. He and I had breakfast downstairs every morning, which was fun for him because he got to make his own Belgian waffles.

Connor in Luxurious Room by Finijo Posted by Hello

After breakfast, I went to my conference and he stayed in the hotel doing his homework (yup, I made him do homework) and mainlining TV and Gameboy. I brought back lunch each day and in the evening, we went sight seeing. Connor and I got some great shots of San Antonio.

Riverwalk from Bridge by Connor Posted by Hello

The first night went to La Margaritas and El Mercado in Market Square and then on to the Paseo del Rio (the Riverwalk) and took a boat tour.

Alamo Memorial and Hotel by Finijo Posted by Hello

Our next night out we parked near the Alamo (it was closed, so we did not go in), and went to the Ripley's Believe It, Or Not Museum and Louis Tussaud's Wax Museum. It was all incredibly tacky, but we had a lot of fun.

Selena by Finijo Posted by Hello

San Antonio's most famous daughter, Selena, is prominently displayed. Her exhibit was the only one that had the velvet rope and a special sign asking that she not be touched.

Laurel and Hardy by Finijo Posted by Hello

Some of the exhibits were very well done, like Laurel and Hardy. We noticed that many of the exhibits were only marginal, though. It seemed like the older exhibits (I saw the exhibit before in 1989) were better than the more recent additions. The hair seemed to be the weakest part of the presentation. I've seen better hair on Barbie and Ken dolls.

Phantom of the Opera by Finijo Posted by Hello

Connor got the Bejeezus scared out of him in the wax museum's, Hollywood Horror section. This was probably the coolest part of the exhibit, because it was set up like a haunted house. There were a couple of places along the tour that took you into a black room that had several red doors. You had to open the doors, and behold the hidden horrors until you found the door leading out of the room.

Chupacabra by Finijo Posted by Hello

Connor especially liked the Chupacabra - I guess six years of bilingual study weren't for nothin'.

Jesus and Mary by Finijo Posted by Hello

Scarier still was the Passion of the Christ installment - gruesome. There were other scary exhibits at Tussaud's including Military/War, and truly frightening George W. Bush display. In spite of the conference being dull and repetitive, Connor and I had a terrific time in San Antonio. You can check out the rest of the pictures at Photobucket.


Mike said...

Thanks for not posting a picture of the Bush exhibit.

finijo said...

Can't post what you don't snap...