Jun 6, 2005

Bodhi of the Dumptster

Bodhi of the Dumpster Posted by Hello

Who says you never find anything good when you dumpster dive? Marilyn was heading out with her friend Rachelle and heard the mournful cry of a lost soul coming from the dumpster. Turns out a little kitten was not only stuck in the dumpster, but he was stuck inside the cushion of a broken chair that someone had thrown out. We weren't looking for another cat, but he found us, so here he is. We were pleased that he ate, drank and groomed the first night. It was really hot today, so I am amazed he made it out alive. It is also trash night, so he wouldn't have made it much longer if Marilyn hadn't heard him. Lucky kitty.


Mike said...

Oh my gosh, a third cat! I will never be able to visit again. Or maybe I can bring along my own oxygen mask and tank.

finijo said...

I think we're going to have to invest in a HEPA. In my defense, only one of the cats is mine (which one, I'm not sure anymore).