Jun 16, 2005

Mrs. Potato Head

Shawinka by FinijoPosted by Hello

My co-worker, Becky, brought a HUGE potato for lunch about a month ago. The potato has been sitting on her desk since the day she brought it because she says, "it will take too long to cook." I cannot stress how big this spud is. I can only say it is one magnificent tuber, and seeing it sit on her desk day after day has been killing me. This is not a potato that was meant for eating - it clearly had a higher purpose.

So, when she was out of the office on Monday, I walked over to her desk and gave it a little squeeze. As I suspected, it was spongy to the touch - clearly it was past the point of being food and was moving into its next phase of life. I gave the potato a makeover, now the world can see it they way I knew it should be seen. Behold...Shawinka, the Glamour Spud. Becky came up with her name, but I supplied her title.


educat said...

Lovely, simply lovely.

stevo said...

I believe the concept should be credited to Clementine.