Oct 17, 2009

Townhouse Photo Shoot 2

Dickson Townhouse Exterior by Finijo

I shot another property for Karim today. It is a gorgeous three story townhouse in Memorial, and it is selling for about $500,000. I am looking into becoming a realty photographer and actually earning some income from the work. It might be a nice sideline, if I can get a few steady customers.
Dickson Townhouse Kitchen by Finijo
This is my favorite shot of the second floor. I am standing at the far end of the kitchen (near a balcony) and the shot goes through a fantastic kitchen, the dining room, and through the living room to the second balcony.
Dickson Townhouse Office by Finijo
The shot is from the first floor entryway and shows the stairs to the second floor, the downstairs bedroom (at the far end of the hall) and a great home office to the right. I am having fun with these shoots and have another one lined up in a week or so. I need to start my website and put together a portfolio for my realty photography.

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