Oct 2, 2009

Patrick Turk Collages

Innerspace Hypsography by Patrick Turk (photo by finijo)

I met Karim at Brasil today and found some amazing art hanging throughout the coffee shop by a collage artist, Patrick Turk. I was mesmerized by the patterns and the intricate detail in his work. The piece above is selling for $4800.00. I have no idea how long it took him to put this piece together, but that cannot possibly be enough money to cover the time invested. In this work I can see a relief map of some island atoll or some amoebic activity under a microscope. You really have to click on the picture to get the detail of the tiny pieces of paper that makeup whole piece.
Angry God by Patrick Turk (photo by finijo)
This owl-esque piece is my favorite. The kaleidoscope eyes are made up of hundreds upon hundreds of tiny pictures of faces. There is a fractal like quality to this work - something mathematical and so precise that it's hard to believe that he cuts out the pictures with scissors and glues them to the canvas. The pieces I saw were so layered and complex that they would seem to be computer generated. Click on the detail below to get an idea of the scope of this work - it is truly a magnificent piece. Seeing Patrick Turks work up close made an instant fan of me.
Angry God Detail (photo by finijo)

Artist Statement from his Facebook page:
I strive to create an endlessly captivating, densely layered profusion of imagery. My goal is for the viewer to be gripped by a visceral and cathartic experience. My primary medium is paper collage. I use precisely cut pieces of paper and images. Most of my source material is from original documents and publications with only a small portion being copied for some of the most repetitive designs. Each of my pieces exhibits intense detail--a reflection of humankind's relationship to time and the processes of self-unfoldment. I seek for the viewer to find some degree of illumination through their relationship to the fragmentary, yet intricately ordered components of each piece.

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