Oct 22, 2009


Macro Pupa by Finijo

I took some macro photos today. I enjoy the abstract quality the photos take when shooting macro. This one looks like a pupa to me, but it is actually a bead of water.
Unmacro Pupa by Finijo
This is a full shot of the bead of water sitting in a succulent plant. I need to find out what kind of plant this is. My friend, Nadia gave me one before she died, but unfortunately, it did not survive the move to my house.
Wattahead Baby by Finijo
This is the close up of the macro I took of water in another succulent plant. Karim has offered to give me some cuttings, so I will accept that gift after I have the yard and my potted plants in better shape.
Macrobeads by Finijo
I love this type of plant, and the way the water in this one looks like some kind of alien baby when viewed close up.

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