Oct 4, 2009

Paxton's Weekend Getaway

Connor and Paxton by Finijo

Connor has that wonderful look on his face that only a 15 year old can muster up - we all know what it means. Paxton on the other hand looks happy as he can be. We were fortunate enough to have a visit from our old friend Pax while Cody recuperated from his ailments this weekend.
Paxton and Dora by Finijo
Paxton is holding a Dora the Explorer doll in his mouth and we were very surprised that it went home with him on Sunday completely intact. Normally he makes short order of his stuffed toys, but this time, he seems to be taking a little more care of his special new friend. Thank you to Cody for keeping us in mind for Paxton-sitting. We will always have an open door and open hearts for our boy. It's also nice to see how far he has come since we found him a year ago. He's healthy, strong, and so calm and secure now. What a lucky puppy!

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