Oct 16, 2009

That's A Good Bruise

Connor had his second black belt test today and he got two more tapes. It is hard to believe that a short two and a half years ago, we got him Kuk Sool Won classes for his birthday. He has really excelled and in spite of the odd evening that he doesn't feel like going to practice, he has stuck with it. I am looking forward to seeing him get his blackbelt in about a year (if he keeps up this pace). His instructor is a good humored man who sometimes exhibits a dry wit. His parting shot at Connor as he tries to break the board was pretty funny. If you notice him making the peace sign to nobody in particular, it is actually him trying to sign to his mother that he took his two shots at breaking the board (which is what the instructor allowed) while she is urging him to continue to try. Kudos Con, for listening to the instructions and for giving it your best shot!

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