Aug 9, 2009

Cedar Creek Cafe

Cedar Creek Cafe by Finijo

Today I met up with Karim and Louis and we went to the Cedar Creek Cafe for a leisurely lunch. I loved the atmosphere - very Austin-esque, which always appeals to me. This cafe, bar and grill is part of the Creek Group, a group of restaurants that describes their concept on the website as, "The Creek Group is a charming group of cafes dedicated to the ‘country folk’ mentality. Slow down, kick your feet up and listen to some good ol’ country & blues and have a good laugh. It’s like fishin’ without the pole. "
Cedar Creek Stage by Finijo
I ordered a Greek Salad with Salmon and have been thinking about it ever since. I will be back, and will likely order the same thing. The menu has a lot of variety, but it is typically American fare. They even have "meatless" burgers in the form of tuna, Boca Burgers, and Bella burgers.
Cedar Creek by Finijo
Just past this creek is a parking lot that hosts a farmer's market some weekends. This is the perfect place to enjoy your friends and a meal and just chill. I would bet that the atmosphere becomes a bit more beer fueled and kinetic at night, but for a lazy Saturday afternoon, Cedar Creek Cafe, Bar & Grill is just perfect.

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