Aug 17, 2009

Trip to Bountiful

Trip to Bountiful by Finijo

This video is of the driveway leading up to my brother's home. To the left, you will see the mansion that he is building to live alone in. To the right, you will see the smaller house he now occupies. The mansion is complete, but he has not yet furnished it. We took this trip to pick up Connor who worked for David's tree service for a month and earned a thousand dollars, which will be put in savings for college for him. He worked like a dog for a month and learned a lot more than he would have, if he had been allowed to sit at home and mainline Cartoon Network all day. I think it was a rough visit for him, probably rougher for David, but all in all, it gave them a chance to get to know each other and bond and a chance for Connor to become just a little more independent than he was this summer.

Another realization was had by Marilyn and I during this trip. It turns out that Connor loves living in the country. We raised him in the city, because we were raised in the suburbs, and were dissatisfied with being so disconnected from "the world" out there. Our parents were raised in cities, and wanted to give us the security of the suburbs. Connor will likely raise his children in the country, and they in turn will want to give something else to their children...the cycle never ends.

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