Aug 20, 2009

Little Rock 2009

Crisp Morning Swim by Finijo

I was surprised at how cool it was in the evening and how chilly it was in the morning. The pool stayed warm, though. I have always enjoyed Arkansas early in the morning - the smells, the sounds, and the way the world looks when the sun is coming up and you are drinking a cup of coffee. Add to that an early morning swim, and it doesn't get much better.
Connor Night Swim by Finijo

This photo shows another surprise of the trip. The gawky teenager we sent to work for David four weeks before had somehow begun to look like a young man by the time we came to pick him up. The hours of manual labor resulted in his developing man muscles and even in his growing what seemed like a full inch.
The Mansion by Finijo
This shot is at the far end of one of the two ponds that David installed in front of the mansion. Connor, Marilyn and David are walking up the driveway and feeding crackers to the fish on the way to view the house. The last time we saw it, it wasn't quite finished. Now all is complete, except the furnishing.
View to the White House by Finijo
This is a view from the bedroom balcony over the living room and outside down the driveway to the smaller house and pool. I like the way the light looks coming through the windows across the wood floors. It is a spectacular room.
Livingroom Interior by Finijo
This photo shows the living room back to the mid-level bathroom and the stairway up to David's bedroom and office area. I think he must have used half a forest for the paneling and floors of his new home.
Master Bathroom by Finijo
This is one of the best features of the house. He outdid himself in the design of this room. A garden jacuzzi tub, dual sinks, and the incredible shower with 4 shower heads.
Ecstasy by Finjo
This is what bliss looks like in the form of water. There is a rain head above, a shower head aimed at your noggin, another aimed at your chest and a fourth shower head that hits you right in the bum. Until you have felt a multi-headed shower, I think you cannot fully understand the appeal. It is hard to make yourself turn off the water and leave.

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