Aug 14, 2009

Berripop Meyerland!!

Berripop Meyerland! by Finijo

I am not sure how long it has been open, but today I was finally able to get some Berripop yogurt at the Meyerland location. Since I was introduced to this wonderful treat by Karim and Louis a few months ago, I have been terribly addicted to the tart flavor of the raspberry/pomegranate yogurt and the fresh fruit (I prefer the combo of blackberry, kiwi, and strawberry). Now I get to have it whenever I want, without driving ten miles away! I have to apologize to Piccomolo (which is across the street from the new Berripop location), because my preference is for yogurt, not only because it is a bit healthier, but the consistency just does it for me.

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