Aug 18, 2009

Spider vs. Toothpick

Spider vs. Toothpick by Finjo

We took David out to eat before heading to Memphis to visit Steve. On the way out of the restaurant, Connor removed the toothpick from his mouth and tossed it (like the good country bumpkin that we raised - NOT), and was amazed when the toothpick defied the laws of gravity and hung in mid air. Upon closer inspection, he realized that the toothpick had landed and stuck in a very large spider's very large web. We all watched enthralled as the spider (who seemed quite vexed at Connor's littering in her home) rapidly worked to remove the toothpick from her web. She literally carried it to the edge and then dropped it off. It took her about a minute and we all stood their gawping at her while she took out the trash. Charlotte was "Some Spider," and I only wish that I had thought to get the deed on video.

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