Jul 5, 2009

July 4th

Midtown Farmers Market by Finijo

I had a very laid back July 4th. Started the morning with Matt, Dave, and Sammy at Little Barnaby's. Sammy is getting to be such a big boy now and he's quite the speller. My favorite thing about Sammy is that he always seems excited to see me - funny, but I like that in a kid.
Midtown Farmers Market 2 by Finijo
After breakfast, we visited a couple of Farmers Markets. The first one is the Midtown Farmers Market on Travis and W. Alabama. It was lovely and the vendors were very friendly, but the produce seemed a bit pricey. We also did not realize that the that the market extended inside of T'afia, so it seemed like it was very small. I have never eaten at T'afia, but that restaurant in on my to do list. We did get some fantastic ginger snap cookies from the CRI booth. That was $15.00 that I did not mind spending, because the product is excellent (cannot begin to describe how good the cookies are) and the profits go to a very worthy cause - The Center, service people with mental retardation.
Bayou City Farmers Market by Finijo
Next we went to Bayou City Farmers Market on Richmond Avenue. This market is huge and we felt like we saw better prices than we did at Midtown. The vendors are also friendly here, and there was live music in the form of a singer who accompanied himself on guitar. We plan to give both markets another visit just to make sure our assessments are correct.
Bayou City Farmers Market 2 by Finijo
At this market we picked up cherry tomatoes and Indian food. Yes, Indian food. We got some incredible vegetable samosas and great mango chutney from Nisha's stand. The samosas are made with organic potatoes and we will definitely be going back for more. We went to Whole Foods and picked up some palak paneer to complete the dinner and ended up spending much less than we would have, if we had gone to our favorite Indian restaurant, Bombay Brasserie, in The Village. After shopping, Marilyn went out and Connor and I spent a quiet evening home watching movies and talking. I didn't miss the fireworks at all, it was nice after a week away from home to just chill.

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