Jul 21, 2009

Casting Reflection

Casting Reflection by Finijo

Around midnight I cast reflection upon my life. It seemed like a good time to look inward to see what I would find. What I found was not unexpected, but I suppose any time we take the time to really look at ourselves, we find that we are wanting in many aspects of our life and our selves. My casting reflected problems with communication, a partnership that lead to the problems with communication, my unwillingness to recognize that my problem is coming from within, my need to look deep within myself to deal with the deepest needs of my nature, and a need to concentrate on my own life, because an old way of life has died. I am searching - I guess I am always searching. I cast runes from time to time, not as a way to divine my future, but as a way to reflect on my life from another perspective. I usually find that it helps me gain insight, and tonight was no exception.

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