Jun 7, 2006

Phoenix ... a city I plan to never visit again

I landed in Phoenix last Sunday and the temperature was over 110 degrees. I don't care if it is a dry heat - my oven is a dry heat and I wouldn't want to be inside my oven. This was the view from my window at the Hyatt Regency Downtown - hazy, but I could see all the way to the mountains.
Tuesday, I took a nap after attending lectures and when I woke up, I turned on the news and found that Phoenix was in the middle of a dust storm. Because the temperature was so high, I had my curtains closed, just to try to make the room bearable. When I opened the curtain at 6:00 PM, this is what I saw. It is the same shot as the first with visibility at only a few blocks.
As the storm passed through, things became a little clearer and a lot brighter. Later in the evening, we had thunderstorms, with lots of wind, but almost no rain.
I met Mirabel Underwood on the plane. When I looked over at her, I freaked, because she really looks like Grandma Kate. Especially when she was looking out the window. Her profile and her hands are an uncanny match for Grandma. She was very nice and we talked about the immigration issue, genealogy, and family. She was the high point of the trip back. I did not care for this trip to Phoenix very much.

Here are the things I liked about the trip:

1. Giving our presentation on Supported Employment
2. Having dinner in the spinning restaurant at the top of the Hyatt Regency

3. Meeting lots of interesting people who do the same type of work I do

4. Talking with Mirabel on the way back from Phoenix
Things I did not like about the trip:
1. It is too damn hot
2. People in Phoenix are not as friendly as the people in Texas (or Arkansas, or Chicago)
3. The tap water tastes like dirty ass (or what I would imagine dirty ass to taste like)

4. Bottled water cost a minimum of $3.00 a liter - and it is too hot to walk to the nearest store to get cheaper water (assuming that there is cheaper water to be found)

5. Waiters in Phoenix HATE to wait on you, and apparently hate to smile or be friendly to customers

6. The mountains look like big dirt piles - disappointing to say the least
7. Riding to the 20th floor to my room in the oven they called an elevator was exhausting

8. The hotel chose to keep the air conditioning off in the hallways

9. I was frisked in the airport because my barrette set of the metal detector

10. My rolling suitcase that fit in the overhead compartment on the trip to Phoenix, did not fit on the trip back to Houston, and I had to have the flight attendant check it

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Mike said...

Oh God I know what you mean about Phoenix. What a horrible place. I also had to go there for business when I worked for the insurance company. I have one more entry for your hate list; I tried their version of Mexican food. Horrible! Even worse than California.