Jun 24, 2006


We got a new fan and I LOVE it. I know that doesn't make for much of a blog entry, but I like to spread the news when I like something. The fan is a Lasko 2530 Elite Wind Tower, with oscillation and a remote control. It's a space saver, it's quiet (really quiet), and it has three speeds and a timer. I looked for the website to find out what other products Lasko sells, but it is nowhere to be found. Instead, I found this article on line at http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2006/02/08/

Lasko Products Inc. recalling 5.6M fans

February 8, 2006 WASHINGTON --Lasko Products Inc. is recalling 5.6 million Lasko, General Electric, Galaxy and Air King fans because an electrical failure in the motor can cause them to ignite. The West Chester, Pa., company has received 42 reports of fires possibly associated with motor failures, with seven reports of injuries, including burns and smoke inhalation, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said Tuesday.

At least eight of the reported fires resulted in extensive property damage. The company has recalled: --Lasko box fan models 3700, 3723, 3733 and 3750; cyclone fan models 3510, 3550, 3800 and 35105; Wind Machine models 3300 and 3521; Air Companion model 3515; Air Director model 2135; and Wind Tunnel models 3400 and 3410. --General Electric box fan model 106620 and cyclone fan models 106600 and 106630. --Galaxy box fan model 3733. --Air King cyclone fan model 9500 (20-inch deluxe pivot fan) and Air Companion model 9515 (15-inch deluxe pivot fan). The fans were sold for $10 to $25 at discount department stores nationwide from September 2000 through February 2004.

Consumers should stop using the fans immediately and contact Lasko to receive a free fan protection cord adapter. For more information call the company at 800-984-3311 or visit http://www.laskoproducts.com or http://www.cpsc.gov.
The recall notice is disappointing . The model we bought is not listed, but it is possible that the company is either gone or took down their website. The fan we got has a special safety cord that looks different from any cord I've seen before, so I'm not worried about it burning the house down, but I would like to get a couple more of these fans in the future.

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