Jun 27, 2006

I have a girlfriend!

What's not to love? by MEG

Today when I picked Connor up from the Y, he bounded towards me, and as soon as we got out the door he blurted, "I have some news. I have a girlfriend! A REAL one." It turns out that the girl (Katherine) who has been following him around since camp started, finally wore him down and now he has a girlfriend. I asked him if it was the same girl that told him she liked him three weeks ago (when he was "not EVEN interested"), and he told me, "Yeah, she freaked me out at first, but I've gotten to know her and I like her." I asked him what he liked about her and he said, "She's nice and funny and she laughs at my jokes. She even gives me pity laughs when my jokes aren't that funny." Connor doesn't know her last name, but she asked him to be her boyfriend, so it's a done deal.

I am alternately thrilled for him to be merrily entering into his adolescence and dumbfounded at how we got to this point so quickly. I know it may seem like this was 12 years in the making - but it went by a lot quicker than that, believe me.

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