May 12, 2006

Wookin Por Nub

OMG!!! On my way out this morning, I saw this sign in the flowerbed. I hoped and prayed it would still be standing when I got back in this afternoon, so I could snap a shot for my blog. The management company is going to plotz when they see that she has put up her very own sign advertising an apartment to share. Her sign is actually bigger than the sign that management uses to post their contact information, so they can rent whole apartments. I am not notifying management of her sign, because the alternative is funnier to me. Besides, they will know soon enough - her sign is HUGE.

Honestly, I cannot wait to see who my mentally impaired neighbor entices to be her new roommate with her beautifully worded sign. I'm not sure why she has underlined the word friendly. I can only imagine she is trying to subtly prepare her potential vic...I mean, roommate for the fact that there is only one bedroom (and she likes to spoon).

Schadenfreude is not pretty, but this is a train wreck - and I have a front row seat.

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