May 29, 2006

Bodhi Loves Yogurt!

Bodhi Yogurt 1 by Finijo

Bodhi is a cat who loves yogurt. He likes all of the fruit flavors, strawberry, apricot, key lime, and mixed berry. He likes dairy products in general, but he is particularly fond of yogurt. Bodhi can actually hear me remove the foil lid from a plastic yogurt container - and boy does he come running. It has taken me a long time to get him to quit swiping at the spoon while I'm eating. Now he usually waits impatiently with one paw poised for swiping until I'm finished. That's when I break down and scrape the last of the yogurt from the container and let him lick the spoon (he prefers the spoon to licking it from the container). He has only ever eaten sugar free/fat free yogurt, so I have no idea how he'd respond to the richer variety. Bodhi is so lucky we pulled him out of that dumpster a year ago.

Bodhi Yogurt 2 by Finijo

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