May 18, 2006

Small Porcine Trio - Revised Edition

Today I found a stack of "books" left behind by a well-meaning (albeit deluded) soul. When I saw the title, I had to have one for my very own.
You have to click on the pictures to understand how special this book really is. The pictures should expand enough to be readable, and frankly, nothing I write could do justice to these printed pages.
This book is so special that it even contains a "Special Test." I think the high score earns extra credit for Heaven.
I am only posting one chapter of the book, so if your curiosity is piqued, you will have to order your own copy from the prison Ministry.

I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I did. Honestly, I am only posting the first chapter because, as funny as it is, that was as far as I could get.


Stevo said...

Mmmm...Mmmmm! Pass the gravey. This book warms my chitterlings!

finijo said...

You gotta see it to believe it - I'll have to send you a copy.