May 21, 2006

The Hawker

I finally got the elusive La Loca on film (so to speak). Today she sat out in front our apartments under her umbrella (it is pretty hot today) and tried to sell her laptop computer (see said laptop at her feet).
She came to my attention today when I heard her yelling at the cars passing by. Again I could not pass up the opportunity to finally get a picture of our resident entrepreneur.
You will notice the mini skirt - what you may not notice is that she is wearing a crochet sweater, without a bra. I have to admit, it is an interesting marketing technique. From the pictures, you also would not be able to tell that she is quite inebriated while hawking her wares on the boulevard.
Sadly, La Loca was unable to interest any of the commuters in her laptop. She eventually lost interest herself, and stumbled back into her apartment. This was quite a show for the Sunday churchgoers heading to mass, but just another day in the life of La Loca.

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