Jul 18, 2005

Sunday with Stevo

Buffalo Grille Exterior by Finijo Posted by Picasa

Sunday we met Bill and Mike for brunch at the Buffalo Grille, which we should do more often. Buffalo Grille has a good (albeit noisy) breakfast/brunch) on the weekends. Their pancakes are the size of the plate and a they have a great pepper maple bacon.

Buffalo Grille Interior by Finijo Posted by Picasa

As we were leaving, I took this shot at the door. I especially like the look on the face of the woman in the foreground. I was hoping that the white sign in the back would be more legible, but it didn't work out. It reads: Welcome Lakewood Community - which means that soon the new Lakewood Church will attendees will know about our already crowded little breakfast haven, and the locals will no longer want to eat there. Lakewood Church, for anyone who doesn't know it has bought out and renovated the former Compaq Center (the former Summit), turning it into a "mega church." Now their services will seat more than 16,000 people weekly - greatly increasing traffic in our area. This situation should make the merchants in the area ecstatic, but it will keep those of us who live nearby at home on Sunday. The whole idea of a mega church is a odd to me. I guess I don't understand why anyone would want to worship in that large of a crowd, it seems both impersonal and exhibitionistic. I guess it would be reassuring to anyone who needs reassurance, knowing that there are thousands of others who believe just like they do. It does come across like the Wal-Marting of religion, though. Mass marketed, polished and professional, but instead of a dog and pony show, you get a Jesus and donkey show.

Hampton Inn Ad Campaign by Finijo Posted by Picasa

We went back to Steve's room at the Hampton Inn to pick up his dirty laundry and this sign that says "smile" greeted us on the elevator. Apparently, it is part of the Hampton Inn look. They carry over the slogans to their exclusive line of Purity Basics mini soaps and shampoos. The toiletries are packaged very simply with clean lines, and they sport the word "Purity." It's just like being at a spa with a kitchenette - sort of.

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