Jul 16, 2005

Plus Deck 2

Plus Deck 2 Posted by Picasa

My birthday gift from Mom, Dad, and Marilyn arrived, and Steve installed it last night. I got a Plus Deck 2! It is a computer casette drive so I can convert my old casette collection from analog to digital files. We played Trivial Pursuit until about 2:00AM, and Steve converted the first few tapes. I spent today sitting on my butt in front of the PC just playing with it. So far, we've converted:

ABC - Lexicon of Love
Duran Duran - Rio
Gipsy Kings - Mosaique
Indigo Girls - Indigo Girls
Julian Lennon- Valotte
Los Lobos - Kiko
Marshall Crenshaw - Marshall Crenshaw
Miguel Bose - Bajo el Signo de Cain
Pulp Fiction - Soundtrack
Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever

It's not high speed, the process is done in real time. First the casette is recored as a wave file, then it converts it to mp3. The casettes I am working with are 20 years old and were heavily listened to, so the drive is having trouble distinguishing between some of the tracks and some are not being picked up at all. I don't think it's the drive, I think there has been degradation of the tapes. The tracks that have been converted sound great, though! Very cool gift.

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