Jul 14, 2005

Current Events

Storm Over Holcombe by Finijo Posted by Hello

Steve made it to town just in time for our afternoon down pour/flash flood season. He will be here for a week and a half working and hanging out with us, and during the time he's here, Hurricane Emily is expected blow through. I am thoroughly disappointed in losing out on the job I applied for, but Steve's arrival has helped to keep my mind off of it.

We went to Vietopia last night for a great Vietnamese meal, and we especially enjoyed the coconut curry chicken. We will meet up with Bill and Mike on Saturday or Sunday for breakfast at Buffalo Grill, and to meet Mom and Dad sometime Saturday, then we are set for Thai with Caryn and Matt on Saturday night, and I think we will try to talk them into some Balderdash. I also thought we might hit Harwin for some wholesale shopping on Saturday. It's amazing how the schedule fills up with little to no effort...

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