Jul 10, 2005

Angsty Malaise

Watergate Bellaire by Finijo Posted by Picasa

It's 1:04 P.M. and I am still in my pajamas, while Marilyn and Connor are out in the pool. Yes, I went outside in my pajamas and took the picture through the gate. I called my friend Amanda in Naperville this morning and we got caught up. Before that I made breakfast and did dishes. It's hot again - no surprise, but I am feeling irritable. Hurricane Dennis is not even going to wink at us as he heads on his merry way to Florida, leaving us to wither. I need to clean the house in anticipation of Steve coming to town next Friday, and I have about 3 weeks worth of a dirty laundry mountain in my floor upstairs. My weekend has been spent trying not to think about the call that never came last Friday, so I guess the rest of the evening will be spent with me cleaning with a fury so that I can wear myself out enough to sleep tonight. I hate angst.

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Marilyn said...

mountain? Add mine and we have a whole range.