Apr 6, 2005

Rodger Dodger, Smoke Signals, The Day After Tomorrow

Roger Dodger starring Campbell Scott as a jaded copy writer, who was just jilted by his boss and lover, Isabella Rossellini. Jessie Eisenberg plays his naive nephew who comes to New York to visit his uncle and learn about women. The title of the movie is a reference to the nickname given to Campbell Scott's character because of his ability to talk his way out of any situation. Roger Dodger is a dark look at one man's views of women, sex, and relationships. I was fascinated by the character study, but didn't really enjoy this film.

Smoke Signalstells the tale of two buddies who grew up on an Indian reservation and their adventures when they leave the reservation. I really liked this film. The script is smart and funny and the two actors who play the leads (Adam Beach and Evan Adams) are great. Smoke Signals is a good story well told.

The Day After Tomorrow depicts what happens after global warming causes an ice age in New York City. Unfortunately, the Netflix DVD didn't work properly, so we didn't get to see it. I think this the second time this has happened since we started Netflix in January, so I guess considering the process, that isn't too bad. It's happened with a DVD from Blockbuster before, too.

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