Apr 3, 2005

Mitch Hedberg

Mitch Hedberg Posted by Hello

Recently there have been some high profile deaths in the news. The one that has hit the hardest for me doesn't involve a religious figure or euthanasia. It doesn't seem to be more than a blip on the radar in the news of the day, but Mitch Hedberg, a really talented comedian died a few days ago.

Marilyn and I started watching him a few years ago and his odd, quirky delivery was so different from other comics, that he had us rolling. Delivering his material with his head down, long hair covering his face, he was so offbeat and strange that it didn't even seem like he rehearsed. Every few months we'd see his name on the marquee at the Laff Stop on West Gray, but we never managed to catch him live. Then a couple of years ago we noticed his strange delivery had given way to almost incoherent mumbling, and the glossy hair was looking unkempt and dull. We talked about how sad it was that he had become out of it and unfunny, because he had been so wonderfully different. We were really pleased to catch him on TV a few months ago, because it seemed like the old spark was back and he had us laughing like crazy. That makes it all the sadder that on March 30th, at age 37, he died in a hotel room in New Jersey. I am having formatting problems, so here is his site: www.mitchhedberg.net

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