Apr 24, 2005

Giddings, Texas

On my way home from Austin, I encountered a train that sat, stalled on the track that crossed my path. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to slow down and take some photographs of Giddings, Texas on a gorgeous, cloudy Sunday afternoon. What usually goes through my mind as I pass through Giddings is that it is a notorious speed trap, but this trip was a little more relaxed.

Cotton Clouds by Finijo Posted by Hello

A few years back, I noticed the roadside gorilla at R & C Monuments owned by Trisha Mutschink (what a great name). Usually I buzz through as quickly as I can without getting a ticket, so I never noticed the rest of the offerings at this emporium of outdoor kitsch.

Giddings Gorilla by Finijo Posted by Hello

R & C Monuments sits in front of Cabbage Patch Cottage, and amongst the cement Texas stepping stones, the colorful lawn menagerie and sheet metal Texana, can be found angelic statuary and heart-shaped headstones for your loved one's gravesite. I doubt you can find such an ecclectic mix of merchandise anywhere else.

Cabbage Patch Cottage by Finijo Posted by Hello

Not one trip through Giddings has allowed me to pass through a green light at the City Meat Market. This section of the town is so Main St., USA.

City Meat Market by Finijo Posted by Hello

This dilapidated metal building is a mystery to me. I can only guess that something was once processed there, but there are no marking on the building and no sign marks the lot on which it stands.

Dilapidation by Finijo Posted by Hello

The second of two abandoned, hangar-esque buildings in Giddings, Texas.

Dilapidation II by Finijo Posted by Hello

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