May 30, 2009

Munster's House Houston

Munster's House 1 by Finijo

While out and about, Marilyn and I spotted the turret of this house from across the freeway. We decided to try to find the house and see what caught our attention from such a distance.
Munster's House 2 by Finijo

What we found surprised us. There is a house in a regular neighborhood that reminded us at once of the Munster's house and also of the Winchester Mansion. It has an almost abandoned feel from certain angles and but the lawn is well manicured and the home appears to be lived in.
Munster's House 3 by Finijo
It looks like this house is in the process of what will likely be never-ending renovations, and I can't help but wonder if the owner is an architectural visionary or possibly driven by some fear of what will happen if they stop building on to this home.
Munster's House 4 by Finijo
If you are ever on the feeder of 288 going towards the Medical Center and happen to glance across the freeway (away from Midtown), you may catch a glimpse of what must be one of the strangest houses in Houston. If anyone reading this post knows more about the house, let me know - I am really curious.

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