May 19, 2009

Sky Photos

Blind by Sky

I went on a second photo shoot with Sky downtown and she took some amazing shots. I have asked her to post some of her work on line, because I think she's incredibly talented.
High Fashion Cyborg by Sky
Because she has not posted her work, I decided I would devote a blog entry to showing some of what I think is her best work. The first two photos are from a series she took of the Macy's mannequins on Main Street in downtown Houston.
Amoebic Egg by Sky
This is one of several odd sculptures that are downtown. We could not agree on what they represented, but I think Sky captured this one from an excellent angle.
Urban Mask by Sky
This is a shot of a fire hose hook up outside of a building. Sky took several shots, but this one is my favorite, because it reminds me of a gas mask.
Reflective Structure by Sky
This is a shot of the Esperson building reflected off of the building across the street at dusk. I think the image is a little spectral in its slightly distorted shape in blue and black hues.
No Right on Red by Sky
I liked the angle of this shot. She managed to get in the sign, the light (green) and a construction light hanging on the scaffolding over the sidewalk. I added titles to the photos, but Sky may have other titles in mind when she decides to share her talent with the world.

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