May 17, 2009

Sky Shoot 2

Sky and I went downtown for another photo shoot today. We started again at Wheeler Station and took the train down Main Street. On the way we saw a street artist creating, religious zealots ranting, and the people of Houston in transit.

This fountain is on Main Street. It actually hits the train as it drives through on either side of the reflecting pool. I think it's pretty unique. I am also guessing that most people in Houston don't know it exists, because this small stretch of Main Street is blocked at either end of the fountain. I will post more of our shoot in future posts. We had a great time and even wore ourselves out photographing everything we could find on Main Street. We will try to get to more of the city on our next outing.

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Mike said...

It really is a cool fountain. They also used to have a really cool fountain in that same area that was more like a wall of water where they would project images onto. It stopped working not long after it was built and I don't think they ever fixed it. Its frame is still there.