May 17, 2009

Erick Gonzalez - New Mural

Erick's Flaco by Finijo

When Sky and I took the train from Midtown for a photo shoot yesterday, I spotted an artist creating a vibrant mural on Main Street and we promptly hopped off the train to check it out.
Erick Paints 2 by Finijo

We were lucky enough to meet a young artist, Erick Gonzalez, who was hard at work creating a new Main Street mural. He was about halfway done when we met him and he was gracious enough to allow us to take some photos of his work and of him at work.
Erick Paints by Finijo
His mural was commissioned by Glen Larner, the owner of the building it is on (an also the building that houses The Continental Club). It depicts musicians through history, from blues and rock to urban pop. He is juxtaposing nationally known musical artists with Houston's own musicians and singers.
Erick's Hendrix by Finijo
I am excited about this mural, not just because it is beautifully executed, but also because it is covering the boarded up windows on a derelict building. I wish every building and empty billboard in Houston would provide the space to artists around Houston, so they could get their work out and cover up the blight of the city. I posted a few more pics from this shoot on my DA page: here.

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