May 21, 2009

Southeast Houston Street Art

Mama Fayes Wink - photo by Finijo

A recent visit to Southeast Houston with one of my clients allowed me the opportunity to explore the area. I found that it was a very industrial part of Houston with quite a few bars and truck stops. This bit of art on the side of a bar caught my attention, so I wanted to share it. It looks like a graffiti artist was commissioned by the bar owner to do this work. I wish it was signed, so I could give credit where it is due.
Hallabaloos - photo by Finijo
This is the western themed mural on the front of the saloon/bar Hallabaloos in Southeast Houston. This Tejano bar has been around for many years - in fact, they list themselves as the longest lasting Tejano bar in Houston. According to their website, they are undergoing a remodel. I'd like to see what the inside of the place looks like. I'm not a huge fan of western art, but I think they did a pretty cool job on the front of what would have otherwise been a nondescript, metal building.

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