Jun 7, 2009

This Is Houston Mural by Reginald Adams

This Is Houston Plaque by Finijo

This plaque is at the center of the brand new mosaic titled "This Is Houston" on the side of the Hubbard Financial Services building at the corner of Montrose and California. The mural was sponsored by Leadership Houston Class XXVII and The Museum of Cultural Arts, Houston.

This Is Houston Mosaic Mural - photo by Finijo

This is a full shot of the gorgeous mural that will be unveiled on Tuesday, June 9th. This work of art was created to "raise awareness of local diversity in the areas of art, education, the environment, health care, and leadership. The artist responsible for this vibrant addition to a rather plain little section of Montrose is Reginald Adams.
This Is Houston Mosaic Pt. I
This portion depicts oil derricks, wind mills, and the ship channel with Leadership Houston looking over plans, presumably for future development. You can just begin to see the diverse people of Houston on the road leading to the right.
This Is Houston Mosaic Pt. II - photo by Finijo
In this section you can see the windmills, but also Hurricane Ike with the rainbow representing the good that came from that storm. There are also people out walking, using the bicycle lane and walking their dogs.
This Is Houston Mosaic Pt. III - photo by Finijo
This is the center of the mosaic and it includes the Mecom Fountain, the San Jacinto Monument, and the Scurlock Tower in the center. Education is represented through the apple, the blocks, and the chalk board. The arts are represented by the comedy/tragedy masks and the piano keys at the bottom right. The light rail is also depicted, so METRO got a free plug. I like that our parks are also shown through the trees and greenery.
This Is Houston Mosaic Pt. IV - photo by Finijo
In this section, the arts are showcased by the dancers at the top. There are also notes suspended in the top right of this panel . Houston's diversity is shown in the people at the bottom, and the medical center is shown in the EKG line (green) and the stethoscope.
This Is Houston Mosaic Pt. IV - photo by Finijo
In the last section of the mosaic, there are more people and the space shuttle is flying off into space. Each end of the mosaic is bordered by flags from around the world, symbolizing the international make up of Houston's population. I am sure that I am leaving out some of what this wonderful new addition to Houston's public art scene is representing, but you get the gist.

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