Jun 8, 2009

Erick Gonzalez Mural Update

Erick's Completed Mural by Finijo

I went Sunday to check out the mural and see if could get better photos of it. I was intensely disappointed with my first shoot of this incredible piece of street art. My camera was acting up and most of the shots I took were out of focus. The failure of that shoot and the loss of those photos prompted me to get a new camera. I am much happier with the results I am getting now.
Erick's Roy Head by Finijo

Erick Gonzales the young artist who painted this mural made some changes since I first met him a few weeks age. Jimi Hendrix was replaced with Roy Head, to keep with the theme of Texas Musicians. Click on any of these photos to see more detail. I am amazed at what control Erick has with a can of spray paint.

As I was reshooting the mural, I sensed that there was something going on behind me and when I turned to look, Erick was standing on the train platform with his family. He brought them out to see the finished mural and it was obvious how proud they are of their talented son. He just graduated from Yes College Prep (and acknowledged his school with the big "Y" under Beyonce in the mural).
Erick's Mural Panel I by Finijo

This is the first panel on the left of the installation. it features Lightnin Hopkins. Hopkins was a Texas blues musician in the 1940's, 50's and 60's. He lead quite a fascinating life and influenced many of today's musician.

Erick informed me that the individual paintings will be auctioned off in a few months. The mural covers the front of a building that is under renovations. When it is completed, this mural will be disbanded and he will be asked to do two more murals on the building. He is off to a very promising career, I think.
Erick's Mural Panel II by Finijo

Panel II shows Archie Bell, an R & B musician from the 1960's and 1970's, and Roy Head, a rock and roll/rockabilly musician from the 1960's and 1970's.
Erick's Mural Panel III by Finijo

Panel III features country music star, Mickey Gilley, who still plays at a theater he built in Branson, Missouri. The other half of this panel features Flaco Jimenez, a Tejano musician from San Antonio. His music has won many awards and he won a Grammy as recently as 1990.
Erick's Mural Panel IV by Finijo

The last panel in this musical tribute to Houston features rock musicians ZZ Top , who formed in 1969 and still tour. The other half of this panel features Beyonce, who started with Destiny's Child and who continues to make solo albums and also has a successful acting career.

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