Jun 10, 2009

Imperial Properties

Townhouse 1 by Finijo

I was asked by my friend, Karim ElRaheb, to photograph one of his properties for his business, Imperial Properties.
Townhouse 2 by Finijo

He is in the process of trying to rent out this townhouse and wanted some photographs that showed how beautiful and elegant the space really is.
Townhouse 3 by Finijo
We went through the townhouse room to room and tried to pull out some of the unique characteristics of the property, and I think we did a pretty good job.
Townhouse 4 by Finijo
Imperial Properties offers a boutique real estate service for both the purchase of homes and the rental of apartments and other properties.
Townhouse 5 by Finijo
I've always enjoyed architectural photography, so I am looking forward to doing more work with Karim and perhaps some other real estate agents in Houston.

1 comment:

Karim said...

The pics are FABU!!! everyone that I talk to is commenting on how beautiful they are! Thanks a bunch, you talent made a huge difference. I am afraid now you are stuck, there will be more...