Jun 30, 2009

Norfolk - Day/Night 2

Dusk on Granby St. by Finijo

On my second night in Norfolk, I ventured out with my two new friends, Letha and Lauren, and we made our way down Granby Street in search of a restaurant that had been recommended. I loved the fact that each intersection we came to had a view of the harbor. That is a battleship moored at the end of the street.
Maid In Voyage by Finijo

Norfolk has adopted the mermaid as its city symbol/mascot. All over the city you will find not only the city logo, but also artistic variations on the theme.

Definitely Downtown by Finijo
This mermaid apparently changes hats from time to time. The hat she is wearing now is not the one found on the website that shows all of the mermaids.
Plated Mermaid by Finijo
This one looks like an antique because of the patina, but she is in the same style as most of the other mermaids. It reminded me of Houston's Art Cows that can be found all over the city.
Ella Fitzgerald Star by Finijo
Another surprise as I walked through downtown Norfolk was the music walk of fame. Not all of the musicians and singers featured in their own stars are from Norfolk, but all are from Virginia. I was unaware of how much musical talent came out of my home state.

Granby Theater by Finijo
Another thing that struck me as I strolled downtown was how much renovation is taking place. I had been warned before my trip that Norfolk was not worth the trip, but I think the city's efforts to revitalize Norfolk are really paying off. This is a photo of the Granby Theater next to a derelict building, that will likely be restored and put to good use, if what I saw in the rest of the city is any indication.
Brick Ads by Finijo
These advertisements were on the side of a building, and I honestly could not tell if they were old ads for businesses no longer in existence or if they were an artistic homage to days gone past. Either way, I found them eye catching.
456 Fish by Finijo
After many blocks of walking and a lot of picture taking, we finally made it to 456 Fish. The atmosphere was great, quiet enough to hear each other when we spoke, but also very warm and inviting. We enjoyed our meals quite a bit, too.

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