May 28, 2008

Photo Fun for Fini!

Concertina Vortex by Finijo

I had a really great photo shoot tonight, and I got some interesting shots. I need to have more outings like this, because it was a lot of fun. This shot is one of my favorite.

Shattered by Finijo
I thought this broken window looked like a glass spider web.

Hung Up by Finijo

This is a shot of a bird carcass hung up on barbed wire. I like the way it looks against the afternoon sky, like lost hope. Graffiti Wall by Finijo

I had to laugh when I read this wall. "Don't act funny, give me some money" is what one of the quotes says. "Free The Weed" and "Obama '08" are also featured, indicating that while the graffiti artist is a rebel and law breaker, they also have a social conscience.

Graffiti Door by Finijo

Again, the tagger exclaims "Free the Weed!" and "Obama '08." I wonder if the writer knows something we don't?

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