May 18, 2008

Connor Can Dance!!!

Connor went to the eight grade dance tonight and ROCKED! He has been saying all year that he would not go to a dance and we could not make him. Being irritated with his refusal to just go to a dance once in middle school, I told him that he WOULD go to the dance, or we would make him take dance classes this summer. Connor opted to go and we went out and bought his clothes for the Hollywood themed dance about two hours before he was to attend. He was dropped off about 8:15 PM and he text messaged his mother at 10:15 to say he was going to ask Rachel to dance. When he was picked up at 11:00 PM, he had already asked FOUR more girls to dance. YAY!!! Connor can dance!!!


Mike said...

Man my parents couldn't have ever made me go to a school dance. They could have threatened dance lessons and I wouldn't have gone to those either.

Marilyn said...

Pfft! Mike doesn't understand the power we have sometimes. We could make MIKE go to dance lessons if we wanted to.

Unfortunately, our powers cannot make Con turn in homework assignments.