May 5, 2008

Wiggington Weslayan

Wiggy Yawns by Finijo

Matt and Dave brought us a surprise kitten last Saturday night. She was found in the middle of the busy intersection at Weslayan and Bissonnet. Matt and Dave took Connor to the Astros game, and found the kitten after dropping Connor back home. This is the luckiest kitten since Bodhi narrowly escaped his demise in a steaming hot dumpster back in 2005.

Wiggy Afterbath by Finijo

Dave said he thought the kitten was a "piece of paper" at first. Lucky for the little girl, they turned the car around and went back to check. Dave and Matt unofficially started a kitten rescue program, but allergies in the family prevent them from keeping her. After her arrival at Casa Mantequilla, she was christened Wiggington Weslayan (after an Astro's player and the odd patch of grey fur atop her head, and the street where she was found) with a flea bath and combing. We have been calling her Wiggy for short.
Wiggy Sleeps by Finijo
After eating a bit, she fell asleep in her carrier. She is adorable, affectionate, and healthy, but because we have three large cats already in residence, so we are looking for a suitable family for Wiggy. There have been two offers so far, but one fell through and the other is a tentative offer. Let us know if you are interested in adopting Wiggy. She is free for the asking, as long as we think the home will be safe and comfortable for her.

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