Feb 11, 2008

Karim Day

Quiche and Camera by Finijo

I met Karim this morning for our Sunday brunch and chat. It was a gorgeous day to be out and about in Houston. I think it's great that in our ever changing world, you can count on old friends for consistency. Karim's quotes for the day (both said with enthusiasm), "I love chartreuse," and "The quiche is cut in a perfect wedge."

Voe Art by Finijo

I spoted this bit of outdoor art on a building across the street from Antidote, the coffee house where we had brunch. Antidote reminded me of Austin, because of it's laid back and ecclectic atmosphere. The painting reminded me of the 80's because of the colors and it's garrishness.

Window Frame by Finijo
Just down the wall from the Voe Art painting was this window. I appreciate that someone made the effort to dress up what would be a pretty standard and unattractive window with a gilt frame. After we talked for a while more, Karim made us a wonderful dinner of salmon, stir fried vegetables and arrugala salad.

Inversion by Finijo

We then ended our day of relaxation and chat at Inversion, a coffee house on Montrose for desert and coffee. I enjoy their coffee, but I love the window. It is an homage to the Art League building that previously stood on this spot. We had every intention of watching some DVD's and painting, but instead we ended up talking and eating our way through the day. It was one of those days where you lose track of time, until you are hungry again.

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