Feb 14, 2008

Bashia Bulat

Basia Bulat Photo by Bobby Bulat

I discovered an amazing songstress, Basia Bulat, while I was doing a search for music from Basia from the 80's. I fell for her song, Little Waltz, which is a lament of the impending loss of someone dear. Her voice is gorgeous and her phrasing is odd, which always appeals to me. She's Canadian and sounds like a cross between Natalie Merchant and Corine Bailey Ray. I tried to order her album, Oh My Darling from Amazon, but was daunted by the price (about $26.00), so I searched to see if I could buy the CD directly from her website and found that she offered a discount to order it directly from her label. I ended up spending about $12.00 for a FANTASTIC collection of her songs. The CD took about two weeks to reach my house, but it was worth the wait. Her music ranges from melancholy songs of love lost to upbeat songs like In the Night and driving songs (Snakes and Ladders). There is not one song on this CD that I don't like - which is rare for me. Her music is listed as Indy, which fits pretty well, since it doesn't sound like anything that's getting airplay right now. GREAT MUSIC - check her out. These are the lyrics to two of her songs -
Little Secret:
a heart is so easy to keep
when I think of the curious look in your eyes and impossible
oh, only you could really know
i'll never let a little secret go
all of the times you were near I forgot to say
'I'm an unbeliever,' but I'll pray to you every day
if it would make your eyes forever stay that way
if it would make you want to stay with me
all the times you've been far away, wondering
I've been uncovering words I've been waiting to say to you
oh, only you could really know
i'll never let a little secret go
Oh My Darling:
there are two things I will carry in my pockets at the end
oh, my darling,
you are one of them
the way you look when you have a story to begin,
oh, my darling,
that's the other half
and I will never lose them,
no i'll never never show them like a prize
I will keep them out of sight
and I will never give them up
to any silly promise or a lie,
they are mine until I die, until I die

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