Jul 4, 2006

Little Rock July 2006

Fireworks Over Vinson by Finijo
The trip to Little Rock was pretty good. Arguing was minimal and a pleasant time was had by all. I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed summer nights in Arkansas.
Party Keg by Finijo
We set off fireworks one evening and ate barbecue cooked by BJ - who is quite a good cook. The carport entrance under the patio leads to what will probably be a full apartment with a kitchen, living room and bathroom. It also contains a tornado/storm safe room.
Side View of Dave's New House by Finijo
Dave's new house is coming along nicely. He says he thinks it will be done in about 2 more years.
Waterfall by Finijo
He completed the waterfall and the rock siding his new home. It is all much bigger than it appears in the pictures.
Front View with the Boys by Finijo
This is a front view of the house with Connor, BJ and Reuben (the dog) standing on the landing that leads into the living room.
Front View from Driveway by Finijo
This is a shot from further down the driveway. It will really be breathtaking when it is finished. Dave has created a pretty unique space for himself.
View of Property from a Distance by Finijo
This is a view of the old house, pool house, trampoline, and gazebo. You can barely see the volleyball net off to the right. Dave has an fundraiser luau every year, so at least once a year, the property is filled with festivities, barbecue and lots of people.
Pool View of Old House by Finijo
This is a view of the old house and the pool house. Ruben is inside the fence debating on whether he should take a swim or not.
Connor and BJ Wrestle by Finijo
Connor and BJ had a wrestling match with the floats. Connor is almost as big as BJ, now. It is surprising that he caught up with BJ as quickly as he did (Con is 12 and BJ is 20), but it is not completely unexpected.
Ruben Plays Ball by Finijo
Ruben loves to play ball and he loves to play in the pool. In this shot he is playing with Dave while Marilyn and Connor look on. If you look in the background, you can see the new house peeking from behind the trees.
Ruben at Rest by Finijo
Ruben doesn't sit still a lot, but I was able to get a shot of him while he watched Marilyn and I walking around outside. Ruben is a really cool dog.

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