Jul 21, 2006

Creepy La Loca Update

I got this e-mail from my landlady today:

Thank you for taking the time Tuesday to go into court and testify against Tina. I understand that you were particularly articulate and largely
responsible for our getting the judgment.

It turns out that Tina is even crazier and more desperate than we had realized. Last week she spent so much time trying to get the FBI to charge Mary Katherine and our management company with hate crimes that she is now banned from the FBI building.

Yesterday she apparently called the Secret Service Field office in Houston and said that if she was evicted next Tuesday she will kill someone.

Please be very careful. We have been advised that the Houston Police have been notified and if you do need to call them they will respond.

She is so creepy. I am still glad I testified, but I am dreading having to deal with her until she moves. I am dreading dealing with her after she moves, too. I don't think this will be over until we move out. What a mess.

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