Feb 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Connor

Connor got an exciting birthday party at The Magic Island this evening. He and his friend, Alex, hammed it up for the camera before we left for dinner. They looked adorable dressed up and wearing ties.

Sky, Con, and Alex enjoyed their meal in one of the themed dining rooms, but Alex could barely see over the table. Sky absolutely cannot take a bad picture - she's a beautiful girl with beautiful manners.
In this shot you can see Mom on the right, Dave grinning for the camera and Marilyn glaring at Alex. Unfortunately, Alex has food issues. Specifically, he only eats chicken fingers, french fries, and buttered pasta, and lucky for Marilyn, he only eats them while chewing with his mouth wide-open. Marilyn did the best she could under the circumstances.

Mom and Dad joined us for Connor's transitional birthday party (fancy restaurant, with a magic show). After we finished desert, we took in a magic show at the Palace of Tutankhamun, then the kids got to watch close-up magic at the Gallery of Ramsese. The kids really enjoyed interacting with the magician. A good time was had by all, in spite of evidence to the contrary - if you look to the far left, you can see Marilyn glowering at Alex.

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