Feb 20, 2006

For Gina - Congratulations!!!

Gina, we are so happy and excited that you are signing on for the long haul. Since we are going to be family and you are about to make an addition to our family, I thought I would let you know what you are in for.
In our family, it starts out like the first picture. Our little bundles of joy are all sweetness and light.
They are a cuddly joy to be around, have wonderful personalities and great senses of humor.
Sometimes they go through a grubby phase, but we still love them - more from a distance at times - but we love them just the same (even more after a bath).
Sometimes they develop hobbies - or obsessions. You make the call...

Then they turn 13. Thirteen in our family is an unfortunate development, but inevitable. Just remember, this too shall pass. So far, we have all survived it, so I know you will, too; )

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