Feb 10, 2006

The Bureau : The Secret History of the FBI

I finished reading The Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI by Ronald Kessler recently and found it both facinating and disturbing. Kessler recounts the history of the FBI from beginning to the anthrax attacks that took place after 9/11. The early history of the FBI is fairly well known to anyone who watches the History Channel, but the author includes testimony of former and current FBI personnel, which helps add to the authenticity of Kessler's claims. He addresses everything from the rumor that J. Edgar Hoover was a cross-dressing homosexual to his manipulation of members of congress and presidents through the use of scandalous information he compiled about them in his secret files. Kessler also exposes the arrogance of the directors who followed Hoover and their mismanagement of the FBI and misappropriation of bureau funds. He seems to have a bone to pick with each of the FBI Directors, with the exception of the current director, Robert S. Mueller. Overall, I would recommend The Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI because it provides insight into how the FBI works and why it works the way it does. Considering the FBI is one of the most powerful agencies in the world, we should all know more about its history and its future.

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