Feb 12, 2006

Fin and Con's Night Out

Marilyn went to her office party tonight, so Connor and I had a night out of our own. We started off with dinner at Katz's Deli and followed up with a visit to Barnes & Noble. I picked up a biography of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Connor was happy to get a chance to peruse the manga and play some video games at the Game Stop store that connects to Barnes & Noble. We got the chance to talk about out the trip to Memphis we have planned for next month while we shared a hamburger. Con is excited about seeing his cousin Steve and about getting to sit in a hot tub outside - that will be a new experience for him. I told him that we would see if Carrah (his pen-pal/crush) could come to visit while we are there and he grinned from ear to ear, then blushed. We also got a chance to talk about his birthday and he is counting the days, literally - seven days and he can hardly wait. The birthday beans were spilled, so he now knows that we are taking him to Magic Island, but he keeps telling us he doesn't believe we are really taking him there. Goofy kid. It seems like I enjoy him more with each passing year. I hope he can say the same about me.

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