Feb 8, 2010

Almeda Abandoned

Spanish Village on Almeda by Finijo

I shot some urban decay on Almeda next to the Spanish Village Restaurant. There are several gutted buildings along that road that are very attractive to an urbex with a camera. I only wish I was able to actually get inside the building.
Inside the Walls by Finijo
I was able to get this shot only by standing up on some debris and shooting blindly over the wall. I still can't figure out exactly what I am looking at here. The two staircases mirror each other and are interesting, but I have no idea what this chamber is.
Reflective Decay by Finijo
I had to aim through a crack in the padlocked doors to get this shot. I think it is my favorite of the set. Even in the middle of a roofless, gutted building, art can be found. What looks like graffiti is a message to anyone who ventures inside these old walls - Unity.

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